I’m Mike the editor-in-chief of DotNetCore.io.

I’ve started my career as a Windows developer with Win32, MFC, WinForms, and so on. When I started selling software online in 2003, then again in 2007 with the iPhone revolution, I realized there is an entire world out there outside the Windows ecosystem, a world that I could no longer ignore!

So cross-platform became an imperative for any development framework that I would adopt in the future. I’ve ported my C++ desktop app from MFC to Qt, and I even stuck with PHP (although I disliked the language) for server-side development because it was working with my favorite web server, Apache.

Out of all programming languages in the world C# has always been my favorite so I always wanted to use ASP.NET but couldn’t because it was tied to Windows Server and Mono was not mature enough. But the wait has ended when Microsoft decided to go open source with ASP.NET Core!